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Assessment Portal

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Assessment Portal

Oct 23 2018

Assessment portal which aims at helping students and educational institutes transcend geographical boundaries and time constraints. Assessment portal just go through these articles and you will know how this portal will works, online assessment portal is safe and secure to use. A secure, Web-based system which confidentialy stored all data in the server. 

Online Assessment Portal : Technolgy





Online Assessment Portal : Features



  1. Highly Interactive dashboard for users and admin
  2. Assessor Authentication: before conducting any exam assessor will upload their authentic documents first.
  3. Student Authentication: before begin the exam students will have uploaded their authentic documents first.
  4. Freeze Screen: during examination students will only see their exam screen rather than others, other screen and keyboard will be automatically locked after student login.
  5. Please visit our product website for more information just click
  6. Assessor Availability: in this list only vacant assessor will display.
  7. Geo Tagging: Geo tagging will be mandatory without allow it , examination not start.
  8. User permission: there would be a permission wise login for every different level of users.
  9. Roles Hierarchy: There will hierarchy of roles. Super Admin - Full permissions, can manage all users and content. Vendor - can manage only his/her own portal; cannot manage another portal.
  10. There would be an automatic tracking system for every assessor, who will conduct the assessment in the center.
  11. When new exam will be created there will be automatic notification sms will be trigger to assessor and admin and super admin.
  12. Video enable or disable: there will be option to enable or disable video for theory examination.
  13. Training provider (module): in this module training provider would be mapped with batches.
  14. Question BankFill up the blanks.
    1. Match the following
    2. Descriptive / subjective
    3. MCQ
    4. Fill up the blanks
    5. For demo please visit
  15. There will be 3 weight age field in every questions bank that is; EASY, MEDIUM, DIFFICULT, example if we import 30 questions in easy field, 40 questions in medium field and 30 questions in hard field.
    1. EASY:        30 Question
    2. MEDUIM:   40 Questions
    3. Difficult:      30 Questions
  16. Question set (module): it will allow users to create question sets on the basis of job roles and the rules define by the admin
  17. Question shuffle: during examination the question will be shuffle for each and every student that means different questions will be displayed for all students.
  18. There will be graphical report management system like pie chart, graph, etc.
  19. IP tracking system: when any user logged into the system the IP address will be automatically tracked and stored in the database.

Offline Assessment Portal:

Technology & Features

  1. LANGUAGE: Java, and C++.
  2. Android : Compatible in all android device.
  3. Conduct assessment without internet.
  4. Automatically data synch in the server when it will come to wifi zone.

for more information please click on given link 

Offline assessment portal

For Demo please visit and schedule at your convenience.

Thanks for reading Assessment Portal.

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