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Importance Of Email Camapaigning

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Importance Of Email Camapaigning

Sep 12 2017

LiberatedIT guides you about Importance Of Email Camapaigning


“E-mail Marketing is the best platform in a Successful Online Campaign”

LiberatedIT know the value of their clients. The era is totally depends on advance technology and E-commerce is “a general concept covering any form of business transactions or information exchange executed using information and communication technology between companies and their customers or between companies and public administrations. Electronic Commerce includes electronic trading of goods, services and electronic material. If you want to enhance your website than you have to be aware about the concept of email campaigning.

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Why Email Campaigning Essential For Any Business

With the advent of LiberatedIT in the Internet companies that needed to modify the way they were used to do their business because a new marketing channel was created, changing the way information was shared. Also, customers are increasingly using social media in the decision-making process when searching for new. Now companies want an easier, cheaper and faster way to communicate with customers and Internet offers all their. The increase of the usage of PC’s, smartphones and tablets has an influence on this, since many people resort to the Internet on a daily basis and feel the need of being connected all day, either on their e-mail service provider or logged in  social media networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. LIberatedIT will help you in Sending E-mail messages with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of a merchant with its current or previous customers, to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business. Sending E-mail messages with the purpose of acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to purchase something immediately. Adding advertisements to E-mail messages sent by other companies to their customers. Researchers intend in this article regarding the important role of E-commerce in IT development in Iran to introduce advantages and disadvantages of E-mail marketing and also to introduce strategies that increase the efficiency of this tool. Social network has very important role in your business as it can be passed to your subscribers’ followers, their followers’ followers and so on to expand E-mailing lists.

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